vendredi 15 août 2008

ECO - Boosters


3 minute wind produces 9-11 minutes of talk time.

LED charge level indicator

No degradable components, great in most conditions

Technical Specifications:

12V DC (regulated to 14.2V Max)

Power is transferred via a cigarette lighter charger

2" x 2.4" x 5.3"

Weight 310g

Colour: Blue

Price: 17£

The FreeCharge 12V consists of a generic base and interfaces to the handset through a cigarette lighter socket. With winding, the FreeCharge will adapt its output to match the requirements of the recipient device via the cigarette charger.
This is just one of the cool inventions made to be eco friendly and make our lives so much more useful especially when we are travelling.... and when our cell phone to be charged ... i would love to own one of these things.. would definitely make my life easier on the go..

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