vendredi 16 octobre 2009

manish arora Vs galliano

There styles just seem to be as mad as ever, and they are similar in more ways than one.
manish with his desi touch showing his cultural difference , where galliano takes off from a completely fresh french look.

mardi 10 mars 2009


It intrigues me.... I heard these words on every girls lips as I was taking the metro in Paris... BIKRAM YOGA...
i know yoga... but bikram..? so i googled it and this is what the site gave me..
this type of yoga comprises of 26 asanas or (postures) and 2 breathing excerises or pranayama.
To give you the essence, it stimulates your body , organs and the improves ones blood flow. It is a 90 minutes in a room filled with people heated at 42°C!!!!!
Believe me, I was in the room for 15mins and thought I would pass out!! but .. you hold yourself for those 90mins and you walk out like you're floating on your every own cloud... Serious ZEN.