vendredi 16 octobre 2009

manish arora Vs galliano

There styles just seem to be as mad as ever, and they are similar in more ways than one.
manish with his desi touch showing his cultural difference , where galliano takes off from a completely fresh french look.

mardi 10 mars 2009


It intrigues me.... I heard these words on every girls lips as I was taking the metro in Paris... BIKRAM YOGA...
i know yoga... but bikram..? so i googled it and this is what the site gave me..
this type of yoga comprises of 26 asanas or (postures) and 2 breathing excerises or pranayama.
To give you the essence, it stimulates your body , organs and the improves ones blood flow. It is a 90 minutes in a room filled with people heated at 42°C!!!!!
Believe me, I was in the room for 15mins and thought I would pass out!! but .. you hold yourself for those 90mins and you walk out like you're floating on your every own cloud... Serious ZEN.

jeudi 6 novembre 2008

Picasso at the grand palais - PARIS


Pablo Ruiz Picasso is regarded as the greatest artist of the 20th century. He is the author of a vast number of works in different formats (paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics, etc.). Moreover, he was able to take the different artist trends of his time to their ultimate expression, on which he left his own indelible hallmark. Picasso was born in Málaga, Spain.
He lived and worked out of Paris for the larger part of his life , but due to his strong Spanish roots, he was deeply influenced by strong figures of the spanish art world like, Velazquez, El Greco etc.
We see a great of presenting the works in this exhibition in Paris where his early classical style work is strongly juxtaposed against his own works. The exhibition has cost a lot due to the cost and the worht of the insurance of the invaluable works being held under one roof here at the grand palais in Paris.
I advice everyone who live sin Paris to definitely take a look at this expo.

dimanche 31 août 2008

Janpanese Street Fashion

Japanese Street Fashion - Japan is famous for its amazing street fashion. Sure not all young Japanese wear outlandish street fashion, but there is certainly a dedicated following in large Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka where you can see lots of Japanese Street Fashion.
I am not personally a big fan of *Hello Kitty* but its not the only thing that comprises of street fashion of these two major cities in Japan. Check ou
t these pictures hope they are inspiring..

vendredi 15 août 2008

Eco - Charger

  • Charges cell phone, iPod, batteries and digital devices.
  • Compatible with most cell phones. Nokia and Mini Nokia, Sony Erricson, LG Chocolate, Samsung, Seimens and Motorola.
  • 2 AA Powertraveler long-life NiMh batteries included.
  • Flashlight function.
  • Re charge Power Chimp by USB.
Weight: 300g

Price: 25£

his portable, lightweight Power Chimp phone charger provides up to 48 hours of extra charge when you need it most. Powerchimp features exclusive Dual Algorchip™ Technology for extra power and safety. It regulates the flow of energy to your mobile phone battery.
This is another handy charging gadget.. that does need a source ...! all you need to do is 'pump it!'
It works on the ceoncept of the dynamo... and it fits perfectly ito you pocket.

ECO - Boosters


3 minute wind produces 9-11 minutes of talk time.

LED charge level indicator

No degradable components, great in most conditions

Technical Specifications:

12V DC (regulated to 14.2V Max)

Power is transferred via a cigarette lighter charger

2" x 2.4" x 5.3"

Weight 310g

Colour: Blue

Price: 17£

The FreeCharge 12V consists of a generic base and interfaces to the handset through a cigarette lighter socket. With winding, the FreeCharge will adapt its output to match the requirements of the recipient device via the cigarette charger.
This is just one of the cool inventions made to be eco friendly and make our lives so much more useful especially when we are travelling.... and when our cell phone to be charged ... i would love to own one of these things.. would definitely make my life easier on the go..

mercredi 13 août 2008

Fashion outside Paris

This is completly my point of view.. and for everyone else is France I don't mean to be mean ...
But honestly speaking there is NO fashion outside Paris... (Cannes being the other place).. and believe me i've traveled arounf France.. even in the bigger cities.. its a real shame..
people are so .. so.. casual.. for me thats just inexcusable...! we all have to dress up at least once in a while..
and those who are dressed well.. are .. again i'm sorry.. but so last year..?! not even mast season..
infact people outside of the city of Paris are mudane in their dressing and definitely not adventurous at all..

this is just something i had to say..

mercredi 30 juillet 2008

Free proposition to everyone

hello everyone who vist my blog..
hope you enjoy reading it..
i am planning on doing something i've never done before.. i am offering to do articles on your blogs and what you want me to talk about on my blog..
i think this will be a nice idea.. please give me your inputs and though..
for now i am planning on it for the month of august..