lundi 30 juin 2008

Défilé Yohji Yamamoto

Old is gold is something that is very relative.. but nonetheless Yamamoto has exploited that in the most creative sense.
He brought me of his own age on the ramp
and the show took off just from there, with pockets filled with papers, mail and milk...
The younger men followed, wearing some funky styles with great cuts.. moving men's wear to the platform of *cool*...

vendredi 27 juin 2008

Importance of Champagne in Fashion

champagne any soirée in fashion is incomplete, how did it get this status in fashion and luxury. My personal view is because it taste so bloddy good! But other people beg to differ and since i'm a tolerant person I let everyone to their point of view. I don't know how many of you don't already know that anything thats tastes resembles or maybe even is champagne is NOT called champagne unless its made in the province of Reims is not called or allowed to be called champagne.
The legality rules are such that the products which is prodruce only in reims is and can be called champange.
I also think that this was an ingenius way to skyrocket the prices of champagne, and make it fall into this suddenly new bracket of luxury. From the times of Marie Antoinette it has been associated with a hint of arsitocracy and lavish langoured luxury, and rightfully so. Along with all this luxury, comes with decoration of bottles to increase the luxurious stature of these already luxurious products.
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jeudi 26 juin 2008



" ECO-UGLY (ugly, over-priced, low-performance, unsavory yet eco-friendly versions of the ‘real thing’) to ECO-CHIC (eco-friendly stuff that actually looks as nice and cool as the less sustainable originals) to now ECO-ICONIC:

This is something that i found extremely interesting and just had to write an article about it as soon as i layed eyes on the nw trneds and designs that are being launched into the market as Eco+Green and being portrayed and marketed very differently.
Previously the Eco products that we allknew looked ugly, smelt even worse than they looked and costed a fortune, but we still bought them cause we wanted to be friendly to our environment.ECO - ICONIC is a status and a state of being, as now many ecological customers are awaiting to flaunt their new green ligestyle and what better way to do it than with great design , taste and being green all at the same time.The BOBO's( Bourgeois Bohemien), Paris are a typical example of these kind of people, however, being all eco they will still take their private jet to fly off to an exotic island in the mediteranean?!

The Italians have come up with the very trendy Solar Jackets to charge your i- pod.

And this little highly efficient gadget powered by wind can almost charge any gadget, and it goes along with a sleak solar panel. Its called the Hymini.

mercredi 25 juin 2008


Some more of my inspirations.

I think it runs in the family, my mother used these designs for her work.. *yay*
Thanks mom!

Valentino Retrospective- PARIS

''La mode passe mais le style reste'', Coco Chanel.

We can most definitely apply this quote of Madamoiselle Coco Chanel,to Valentino. One of the earliest Italian designers who made it into the universe of French Haute Couture, having his first break through in 1967, he climbed the ladder straight to the top from there.

He is having his retrospetive in Paris
'' Valentino, themes and variations'' Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais Royal- its on till the 21st of September. If any of you are in Paris or going to visit Paris this summer. Its a must see.

mardi 24 juin 2008

On Aura Tout Vu

The world of Parisien Haute Couture keeps up with the fast pased
technological times we live in by giving our otherwise mudane
lifes a little bit of a sparkle and shine to it...
Beauty has always intrigued me and this gives you such
a different facet to it.. changing and creating the articles
we use in our daily life , as not only pratical objects but also
as objects which are beautiful and personalised.


No fancy colours, no elaborate patterns or design... any guess....?

Well, it's definitely a 'man bag' , the interesting part of this new trend has a lot too with the new ecological trend going the green way and as everyone has given their own contributions in saving energy, from music groups like radio who ar trying to cut down their engery costs for their world tour and using special energy saving lights for their concert... here is fashion's way of making it the green way.

By coming up with a new solar bag, as you can see the back has a wierd pattern which actually contains the solar charging panels.. which will allow you guys with your million different gadgets to be charged while they are just lying in your bag, during that long commute when you need that extra charge which never is there...

The Logan is available from noon for $412, and you can vote on the bag here.

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lundi 23 juin 2008

Hot weather horrors!!

''Summer rules, but it can be hell on hair, skin, and makeup. So take our advice on protecting your looks from the elements ... and bouncing back after they've taken a beauty beating....''

Just when you thought winter was over and you were through using your creams/ lotions :
oil or water based....
looking forward to that warm sun on your face... but... beware...
your skin can get equally dry in the summer and maybe even painful due to cracks caused by over exposure to the sun..
Protection: it would be advisable to use a sun protecting cream on your skin where its most exposed to the sun to avoid it.
Product: Sunblock and After sun.

A tan can be great... but sitting with your face facing the sun with your sun glasses on without you knowing or not knowing it gives you raccoon eyes!! So much for a nice tan accompanied with raccoon eyes...?!?
At this point don't be afraid to smear that SPF 30 all over your face.. for an even and protected tan...

+ another tip from the cosmopolitan :
"Salvage it: Using a foundation shade that matches your tanned skin, dab a couple of dots under your eyes and blend, blend, blend, says makeup pro Sonia Kashuk. (Don't use concealer, since it won't blend well enough.) Also, go for nude or light brown eye shadow to help balance things out.Summer Snafu 2: Sun-Damaged Polish"



tribal A mixture of fusion, but strangely in black and white only...
why not in colour the designer does not know yet..
bring some colour into my life and leave these monochromatic
and extreme ways.. but we all start with a single line and a single colour,
.. as we take our first few steps.

Dragon fly


some of my inspirations

vendredi 13 juin 2008

Prada- Automne/Hiver 2008-2009

I was completely flabbergasted by the work of Miuccia Prada .
Mixed emotions and a sense of questioning everything that went down the runway..*

Did a guy with a tiny ruffled skirt over his trousers??
Is that a girl? or a guy??Well, the least that can be said is that the men looked extremely feminie.. and with an air of anorexia looming large over the look of the models..

To be honest, with the knits, pale tones of colours on the models and on the garments,drastically contrasted with haltered tops over shirts, and skirts over trousers.. the effect came across to me as extremly dramatic.

Looks like she thinks 3 to 4 seasons ahead.. and most people are just left scratching their chins with *uncomprehension* written all over their faces.

jeudi 12 juin 2008

Am i crazy about bags...?
wanna know more..?

where has the fashion gone?

my inspiration..
Fashion and business..
first of all i would like to thank the preson who wrote the article i found online..
LVMH.. the GUCCI GROUP , the talk about CEO's and IPO's
and all of a sudden i wonder.. where the hell has the art gone in fashion...!!
is it really a business now?
is it more about the professional entrepreneurs rather than the designers..
are there no more concepts and the the idea of money drowns all the
creativity and art? where is fashion headed..? into the protol of amoney making scandal,
with sex - drugs - &- alcohol...?

are we only be going to interested now in turnovers.. figuress- estimates and numbers..?
will there be no more colour, charm and flabouyance associated just with the material and gorgeous women and men in it..
so much for my paranoia .. thank you for making me think like this
is all i can say to the business of fashion article..
please give me your comments.. and cheer me up..

Just the beginning

Classy... Stylish.. NEVER Bling-----------

The essence of my favourite CHANEL.

Take a look at this gorgeous travel luggage -
I fell in love with it when i first saw..

Giving the word MINIMALISTIC a new meaning
its white - serene and with touches of metal offseting it.. *sighs* so angelic...
even thought Keira Knightley.. pulling off somethign like makes me laugh so much..!
But Nicole Kidman.. now we're talking Glam Chic for Chanel... irresistable !!

God.. and would you look at the scary.. just so casually thrown on to and tied to the we all it?!? and don't we.. carry one of these and i'm sure you'll look just as elegant as your bag!
Igive you personified aristocracy.. CHANEL.

mardi 10 juin 2008

Ça coud, ça découpe, ça colle et ça rafistole...