jeudi 12 juin 2008

where has the fashion gone?

my inspiration..
Fashion and business..
first of all i would like to thank the preson who wrote the article i found online..
LVMH.. the GUCCI GROUP , the talk about CEO's and IPO's
and all of a sudden i wonder.. where the hell has the art gone in fashion...!!
is it really a business now?
is it more about the professional entrepreneurs rather than the designers..
are there no more concepts and the the idea of money drowns all the
creativity and art? where is fashion headed..? into the protol of amoney making scandal,
with sex - drugs - &- alcohol...?

are we only be going to interested now in turnovers.. figuress- estimates and numbers..?
will there be no more colour, charm and flabouyance associated just with the material and gorgeous women and men in it..
so much for my paranoia .. thank you for making me think like this
is all i can say to the business of fashion article..
please give me your comments.. and cheer me up..

1 commentaire:

brainsofahippo a dit…

well i think its a great idea for people who cannot directly be linked to the world of fashion to have a go at it, there are man people who might be passionate about 'fashion' and might not be able to contribute in any other way, after all we do take pride in owning a Birkin bag, where would we be without 'branding' and a strong business case?