jeudi 26 juin 2008



" ECO-UGLY (ugly, over-priced, low-performance, unsavory yet eco-friendly versions of the ‘real thing’) to ECO-CHIC (eco-friendly stuff that actually looks as nice and cool as the less sustainable originals) to now ECO-ICONIC:

This is something that i found extremely interesting and just had to write an article about it as soon as i layed eyes on the nw trneds and designs that are being launched into the market as Eco+Green and being portrayed and marketed very differently.
Previously the Eco products that we allknew looked ugly, smelt even worse than they looked and costed a fortune, but we still bought them cause we wanted to be friendly to our environment.ECO - ICONIC is a status and a state of being, as now many ecological customers are awaiting to flaunt their new green ligestyle and what better way to do it than with great design , taste and being green all at the same time.The BOBO's( Bourgeois Bohemien), Paris are a typical example of these kind of people, however, being all eco they will still take their private jet to fly off to an exotic island in the mediteranean?!

The Italians have come up with the very trendy Solar Jackets to charge your i- pod.

And this little highly efficient gadget powered by wind can almost charge any gadget, and it goes along with a sleak solar panel. Its called the Hymini.

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