vendredi 27 juin 2008

Importance of Champagne in Fashion

champagne any soirée in fashion is incomplete, how did it get this status in fashion and luxury. My personal view is because it taste so bloddy good! But other people beg to differ and since i'm a tolerant person I let everyone to their point of view. I don't know how many of you don't already know that anything thats tastes resembles or maybe even is champagne is NOT called champagne unless its made in the province of Reims is not called or allowed to be called champagne.
The legality rules are such that the products which is prodruce only in reims is and can be called champange.
I also think that this was an ingenius way to skyrocket the prices of champagne, and make it fall into this suddenly new bracket of luxury. From the times of Marie Antoinette it has been associated with a hint of arsitocracy and lavish langoured luxury, and rightfully so. Along with all this luxury, comes with decoration of bottles to increase the luxurious stature of these already luxurious products.
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