jeudi 12 juin 2008

Just the beginning

Classy... Stylish.. NEVER Bling-----------

The essence of my favourite CHANEL.

Take a look at this gorgeous travel luggage -
I fell in love with it when i first saw..

Giving the word MINIMALISTIC a new meaning
its white - serene and with touches of metal offseting it.. *sighs* so angelic...
even thought Keira Knightley.. pulling off somethign like makes me laugh so much..!
But Nicole Kidman.. now we're talking Glam Chic for Chanel... irresistable !!

God.. and would you look at the scary.. just so casually thrown on to and tied to the we all it?!? and don't we.. carry one of these and i'm sure you'll look just as elegant as your bag!
Igive you personified aristocracy.. CHANEL.

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