lundi 23 juin 2008

Hot weather horrors!!

''Summer rules, but it can be hell on hair, skin, and makeup. So take our advice on protecting your looks from the elements ... and bouncing back after they've taken a beauty beating....''

Just when you thought winter was over and you were through using your creams/ lotions :
oil or water based....
looking forward to that warm sun on your face... but... beware...
your skin can get equally dry in the summer and maybe even painful due to cracks caused by over exposure to the sun..
Protection: it would be advisable to use a sun protecting cream on your skin where its most exposed to the sun to avoid it.
Product: Sunblock and After sun.

A tan can be great... but sitting with your face facing the sun with your sun glasses on without you knowing or not knowing it gives you raccoon eyes!! So much for a nice tan accompanied with raccoon eyes...?!?
At this point don't be afraid to smear that SPF 30 all over your face.. for an even and protected tan...

+ another tip from the cosmopolitan :
"Salvage it: Using a foundation shade that matches your tanned skin, dab a couple of dots under your eyes and blend, blend, blend, says makeup pro Sonia Kashuk. (Don't use concealer, since it won't blend well enough.) Also, go for nude or light brown eye shadow to help balance things out.Summer Snafu 2: Sun-Damaged Polish"

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