mardi 24 juin 2008


No fancy colours, no elaborate patterns or design... any guess....?

Well, it's definitely a 'man bag' , the interesting part of this new trend has a lot too with the new ecological trend going the green way and as everyone has given their own contributions in saving energy, from music groups like radio who ar trying to cut down their engery costs for their world tour and using special energy saving lights for their concert... here is fashion's way of making it the green way.

By coming up with a new solar bag, as you can see the back has a wierd pattern which actually contains the solar charging panels.. which will allow you guys with your million different gadgets to be charged while they are just lying in your bag, during that long commute when you need that extra charge which never is there...

The Logan is available from noon for $412, and you can vote on the bag here.

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2 commentaires:

Mathieu a dit…

Amazing bags !!!
Thx for your tips and founds,
go on !

brainsofahippo a dit…

its very rare to find 'eco-friendly' accessories that look good, this is an exception! xx